Date night ideas: How to plan a romantic dinner for two at home

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Gatharing Ideas, Menu Inspiration

No matter how long you’ve been together, treating your partner with a special date night helps keep the spark alive. Think of it like a deposit into your relationship bank!

However grand or cosy your home date night ideas are, the beauty is that you get to do romance your way.

The importance of date night

A date night is for making memories. It’s dedicated time to prioritise your partner and your relationship together; a way to focus on your favourite person, try something new, have deep conversations, flirt and feast.

Pass on the usual ‘movie and dinner’ night by planning a romantic date night at home worth remembering. Whether it’s at the dining table, in the lounge room or in the garden, your home is your space to carve out quality time to bond with your partner – just the two of you. 

Read on for romantic date night ideas that will keep the spark ignited and can be done all without leaving the comfort of home.

Date night at home ideas: How to plan a romantic dinner

Set a date

Date nights don’t need to be designated to just Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries. Clear a time in your schedule and select a night for a romantic dinner at home with your significant other “just because”.

Whether it’s a first date or one of many with your special someone, the point is to have a slice of time where it’s just the two of you, being as present as possible with each other.

Make it a fun evening by getting rid of all distractions and responsibilities, calling in any favours from friends or family if need be to look after the kids or fur babies. Maybe even keep it a secret and make it a surprise!

Choose a theme

At home date nights don’t need to feel like you’re at home. If you’re hitting a blank wall when thinking up home date ideas, get adventurous and set the scene with a theme. The only limits are your imagination when creating a unique date night at your place.

A romantic date night idea could be an ‘Evening in Rome’. Set up a space on the balcony or courtyard, pop on an Italian music playlist, enjoy some wine tasting and a menu inspired by the different regions of Italy.

For a fun date night, you could create a Mexican indoor picnic fiesta with samba music, sombreros and spicy food. A theme will kick your ‘stay at home date’ up a few notches.

Extra brownie points go to themes based on a memory you and your partner share together. Get inspired by the place you first met, your favourite movie, a country you’ve travelled to together, or even a dream vacation you’re yet to take. 

Pick a menu 

Now that you have your home date night idea locked in, it’s time to plan your dinner menu. Tantalise your taste buds by cooking up something different than your go-to date night meal. Choose a cuisine that fits your theme or get inspired by our romantic dinner ideas.

At-home dates are easily elevated by exceptional food. From a grazing platter to nibble on during movie night to a 5-course meal under the stars in your backyard, let food be your love language.

Spice up your plate and your love life by pulling out all the stops: prepare everything in advance so you don’t have to spend the whole time in the kitchen, or go all out and hire a private chef to cook for your romantic rendezvous at home. 

Create an ambient space

To really master your home date night idea, you’ve got to create the entire experience. Set the space for a romantic night in and be influenced by your theme by decorating and adding some finishing touches to ignite the senses.

Aim to create the feeling of a romantic getaway in your own home: light candles scented with inviting smells, string up some fairy lights, buy a bouquet of flowers, or go textbook romance and leave a trail of rose petals from the front door. You may even like to get fancy and set the table with your finest porcelain plates, silverware and glasses. 

Then, get set the mood by cueing up music you’ll both love. Consider creating a custom playlist of songs you both love just for the occasion.

Plan your outfit

Making effort is sexy. For your at home date night, get dressed up in something that makes you feel fabulous or your partner would be excited to see you wear. Go the extra mile by wearing a gift they gave you or using a particular perfume to spark some sensory memories.

Whatever your date idea, looking good and feeling good will help you get in the mood. From the top to toe, it’s time to dress to impress. 

Take some photos together

It might sound corny to come, but capturing your at home date night by taking a photo together, snapping a polaroid or recording a video can help you remember how you felt, the set up, the delicious food you ate, and all the effort that went into making it so special. 

Relive your date night by looking back over your photos or videos together – maybe even having some special memories printed or doing a digital slideshow on the night.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your romantic evening

Now that you know some of the essential ingredients to create a memorable at home date night, are you ready for an idea that will add extra wow factor your partner will never forget? 

Take the pressure off cooking or ordering underwhelming takeaway: level up by letting a private chef from Gathar take the reins in your kitchen. It’s a guaranteed way to make your stay at home date something seriously special.

Choose from a wide range of menus bound to excite any taste buds and transport you to far off places, or get creative and customise a menu of your own – maybe something designed just for your dearly beloved!

Let Gathar take care of everything while you enjoy the evening with your partner. Your Culinarian will do all the work by cooking and serving your perfect menu, bringing everything to the table and leaving your kitchen spotless afterwards, so there won’t be any arguments about who has to do the dishes.