MasterChef contestants step out of your TV and into your kitchen with Gathar

by | Aug 3, 2023 | News & Media

Contestants from this year’s MasterChef could soon be cooking up a storm in the homes of everyday Aussies, thanks to the country’s largest private chef platform.

Several of the program’s most familiar faces have already found a home at Gathar, with those from the 2023 series now also expected to join the ranks.

Customers from Brisbane to Hobart are booking their favourite reality TV personalities to cook for dinner parties, and even prepare their weekly meals, in homes and holiday properties all across the country.

While for others it’s a delightful surprise when they are matched with a MasterChef contestant they’ve seen on their screens.

Danielle Dixon competed in the third season of MasterChef in 2011. Danielle, who partners with Gathar for private catering, also teaches at The Institute of Culinary Excellence, described MasterChef as one of the best experiences of her life.

“I was one of the first contestants to go on and complete a formal apprenticeship and become a qualified chef after the show,” she said.

“During my apprenticeship I had the fortune of doing time at Quay, ARIA and Rockpool Bar & Grill. I met Neil Perry and was fortunate enough to have him as a mentor, while also getting the chance to meet other amazing chefs that took me into their kitchens and showed me the way.”

Christina Laker came seventh in the 11th season of MasterChef, which aired in 2019. The self-confessed foodie, who was mentored by Nigella Lawson and Maggie Beer while on the show, said she loved seeing the joy on people’s faces when she arrived at their houses to prepare a meal.

“I think having been on a reality TV show creates more of an experience for the customer,” she said. “They’ve seen you on their screens so they’re always interested to meet and get to know you.”

Gathar customer Rebecca Adams was lucky enough to have Danielle come to her family’s Brisbane home to prepare a feast for a special occasion.

“The experience of having a talented and highly-regarded chef cooking in our own kitchen was so much more personal, intimate and relaxed than enjoying the same meal in a restaurant,” she said.

Rebecca said the fact they had a MasterChef star in the house made the night even better. “We really enjoyed chatting to Danielle while she was preparing our meal. She was so warm and generous in taking the time to answer our questions about the produce, her training, and techniques,” she said.

“It was also exciting to get her behind-the-scenes insights about what it was like to be part of the show and how her career has developed since that time.”

Christina said Gathar had generated a lot of work she otherwise wouldn’t have had access to.

“They also do all the admin so you can just turn up and do what you love,” she said. “I’ve also had the opportunity to create some of Gathar’s menus and do some food photography for them, all of which has been a great experience.”

Gathar Co-founder and CEO Jodie Mlikota said she was proud to be able to give Aussie foodies affordable access to some of the nation’s best chefs, as well as giving passionate home cooks the opportunity to carve out their culinary careers by cooking with Gathar.

“Our former MasterChef Culinarians have been inspired and taught by the likes of Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White, and even our very own US Co-founder Curtis Stone,” she said.

“They’re incredibly talented and it’s a privilege to be able to connect them with  people who are in absolute awe of what they can do in the kitchen, and allowing those people to have their very own MasterChef experience in their homes or holiday properties.”

To book your own MasterChef experience, visit and mention ‘MasterChef’ in the special requests field.